Date of Latest Review 27th February 2022

In line with the government’s “Living with COVID-19” plan from 24th February 2022 we have updated our COVID policy.

Everyone attending any of our activities must either:

  1. Be fully vaccinated, (show us the NHS COVID travel pass – we only need to see this once), or
  2. Be recovered from COVID within the past 6 months (show us the NHS COVID pass – we only need to see this once), or
  3. Take a lateral flow test prior to any session they propose attending and upload the result to the NHS website (show us the text message).

Our teachers, who interact with everyone, will continue to take a LFT on the day for the time being.

We kindly ask all people attending classes, workshops and events to respect the fact that several of our regulars are in Covid-vulnerable categories and not to flaunt these requirements.

Further, if you (or a close contact of yours) test positive after you attend a TN event, please tell us immediately (, so that we can alert others with whom you may have been in contact.

Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.