All our events will take place under our Covid Mitigation Policy (which is subject to change)

Important Covid Stuff:
To join a class, a milonga or tea dance, you will need to have received two doses of a Covid 19 vaccine. Please also take a Lateral Flow test on the day of the milonga, REPORT THE RESULT  and bring the resulting text/email confirmation with you to show.

In summary, attendees:

  • Come at their own risk
  • Must be double-jabbed and show evidence of a negative lateral flow test (email or text)
  • Must conduct themselves such that their fellow dancers are reassured that the risk to their own health and well-being is minimal
  • Must not attend if they have symptoms of coronavirus or ‘flu, or have been advised or told to self-isolate

Please also note that we reserve the right to change our Covid Mitigation Policy, but will give notice whenever possible.

  • The hall has a good up-to-date fresh-air ventilation system, so you will only need to wear facemasks at your own discretion.
    At our events, we will provide you with a wristband to wear which indicates that you are prepared to change partners. Otherwise, you’ll need to come with your own partner. Ultimately, attendance is at the risk and responsibility of the individual dancer. Thank you for your kind cooperation.