Our Current Teaching Team

Michael Lavocah started learning tango in London in 1994 with Christine Denniston. Totally addicted for the first four years, he travelled to Buenos Aires in 1995, 96 and 97, at a time when there were few tourists and many milongueros. There he studied with Tete, whose fluid, figure-free style inspired him greatly, but also with Mingo Pugliese, who taught a much more technical dance.
Today Michael is acknowledged internationally as a leading expert on tango dance music. In 2012 he created a new genre of tango writing with his bookTango Stories: Musical Secrets, the dancer’s guide to tango music. His current project is a series of books exploring the great tango orchestras, Tango Masters.
Michael has a busy international teaching schedule. He is well-known as a DJ at tango festivals and marathons. TodoTango asked him to write some articles about tango DJing.
As a tango teacher, Michael is known for his humour, for his ability to convey complex ideas simply, and above all for musicality.Personal website: www.tangomusicsecrets.com
Books: www.milongapress.com

Mabel Elena Rivero Professional dancer, choreographer and performer of classical and contemporary dance, as well as Tango, Mabel Rivero has dedicated her whole life to dance. Born and trained in Argentina, she was based for many years in Berlin, working all over Europe. We are very fortunate that she now splits her time between Berlin and Norwich.

Elizabeth Knock and Luis Rodriguez of Tango y Nada Mas bring their experience of more than 30 years of dancing and teaching Argentine Tango to the UK through classes and performances which focus on improvised ‘Tango Salon’.

“Tango Salon is the Tango that has always been danced in the salons of Buenos Aires. Tango originally grew as a social, improvised dance, a dance for everyone with Music as the uniting factor. For us, this is the beauty of Tango. Not the steps, or the choreography, but learning thorough basic technique through which your own Tango can flourish. No two dances will ever be the same, the beauty is in the moment.”