Leaders’ Workshop with Michael Lavocah 26 March 2023

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Followers’ Workshop with Mabel Rivero

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Pauses, Musicality and Improvisation in Tango and Vals

Finding the pauses in the music – how? Movements to use to reach the pause – and what to do once you are there

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Followers’ Workshop I with Mabel

WS 1 : Embrace and its Contact Points  – Foot Placements – Adornos during Paradas
WS 2 : Leg Position through Projections – Pivots – Adornos during Ochos and Walking

Mabel will work with us on alignment, sense of balance and ability to initiate movements efficiently.
Her workshops aim for awakening creativity and musicality by exploring embellishments (“Adornos”).

Workshops on 16 October 2021

Milonga workshop with Michael Lavocah, 16.10.21

Tango workshop with Elizabeth Knock & Luis Rodriguez, 16.10.21

Practising walking, workshop with Elizabeth and Luis 16.10.2021

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