Refresh your Tango

New Refreshers class to start on 28 October, running for 8 weeks*

Time: Thursday, 7.15 – 8.30 pm
Cost: £48

Teachers: Classes will be run alternatively or together by Michael Lavocah and/or Mabel Rivero.

This class is aimed at dancers who were working on basic Tango dance skills. This class is for you if you need to refresh these skills and want to continue making progress in your Tango dancing after the pandemic, e.g. those who were in the NT Year 1 class prior to March 2020. (What can you remember if you were in year 2 prior to March 2020? You should choose whether to join the Refreshers or the Improvers group)

This class will combine with the newcomers class for those learning the basics of Tango.

We also encourage you to come to our Práctica on Fridays to practice and polish what you are learning in class. See dates & what a Práctica involves>>>

*Usually, our classes come in blocks of 6 weeks. This time, because of the unusual start later in the year, the block is longer.

If you want to register for the Refreshers class, please fill in the form below.

OUR COVID POLICY: For everyone’s safety, please come double vaccinated and ready to evidence this. This can be done most simply by showing us the “Travel” section of the NHS app (not “Domestic” as this does not require vaccination). We also need you to take a negative lateral flow test on the day of the event. You will be asked to sign the register to confirm this: it is an essential condition of admission. If you’re feeling unwell and/or have any Covid symptoms, please stay at home: You’ll be all the more welcome on other occasions when you’re better. The hall has a good up-to-date fresh-air ventilation system, so you will only need to wear facemasks at your own discretion. We will provide you with a wristband to wear which indicates that you are prepared to change partners. Otherwise, you’ll need to come with your own partner. Ultimately, attendance is at the risk and responsibility of the individual dancer. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Before attending this event, please be sure to look at the latest Tango Norfolk Covid Mitigation Policy.